3D Printers for History Education


Recreate History Using 3D Printing

3D printers for schools are quickly making headway in classrooms across the country, integrating with various subjects in many unique ways. Regardless of your specific scholastic discipline, a 3D printer will find its worth in any topic that you’re looking to teach. The applications are diverse, and the impact far reaching. Among the many other benefits, the significant integration with progressive learning methods alone is enough to ensure that 3D printers are rapidly becoming a vital classroom fixture. In the article below, we look more closely at some of the ways in which schools are implementing 3D printers for history education.

3D Printers for History Education

3D Printers for History EducationNeed a model of the Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria to explain the voyage of Columbus? Use a 3D printer to help students understand what life was like on each ship with actual models. If you can’t get to the museum, bring the museum to your students by downloading and printing models replica artifacts or statues. There’s a growing movement of users who go to museums around the world, digitally scanning objects and making them available for 3D printing worldwide.

The 3D printing manufacturer LeapFrog, in conjunction with Dutch Museum De Nieuwe Kerk, recently recreated China’s entire Forbidden City from the Ming Dynasty period. Students from around the world are able to view, map, and understand the Chinese imperial palace in 1:300 scale. A total of 980 buildings make up the Forbidden City, all available for download to classrooms worldwide. Staff at the Smithsonian are also using 3D printing and scanning to recreate artifacts throughout the museum, easily available and ready to print by students. From an exact replica of the 1776 Gunboat Philadelphia to St. Lambert’s Cathedral in Belgium, history teachers are using 3D printers to bring cultural treasures of the past into classrooms.

Worldwide Collaboration

Across the world, history departments are creating, duplicating, and sharing 3D models of historical significance ready for 3D printing. Students can experience a physical object, scanned and sent from halfway around the world.

Create Historical Replicas

3D printers are helping students travel back in time; recreating various events through the replication of intricate costumes, models, and historical artifacts.

Immersive Experience

Pictures are great, but physical items are unmatched in significance. From historical preservation to costume role play, 3D printers help students better envision life from a different time period through a more hands-on perspective.

Case Study: Using 3D Printers for History Education

Rolling Ridge Residential & Country Day School is well on its way to recreating history using a Makerbot Replicator Z18 and Replicator 2X. Students are building their own replicas of the Roman Coliseum, ancient aqueducts, and Liberty Bell using 3D modeling applications such as TinkerCAD. Details such as arches, windows, and columns are easily made on a computer and printed with extraordinary detail to give them an idea of scale and design during ancient times. A variety of arches, boxes, triangles, and other shapes were 3D printed and assembled, providing additional insight into the geometry behind each piece. In some cases, students were also learning about the mechanics of 3D printing, working with their teacher to troubleshoot and problem solve. It helped fuel motivation, allowing them to choose their own piece of history that appealed to them. Combining computer skills, 3D modeling education, and 3D printing, teachers were able to inject excitement into the history of western civilization. To learn more, please visit “Makerbot 3D Prints for History Class”.

3D Printers for History Education here at 3D Supply Guys

At 3D Supply Guys, we strive to break traditional teaching methodologies in history by using 3D printing. Our goal is to work with history departments across the country, understand their learning approach, and help them provide new approaches to teaching world history. Our educational discount program is designed to work within your department’s budgetary process, providing cost effective savings that goes beyond standard consumer prices. Our goal is to bring history to the classroom through additive manufacturing and help students worldwide learn the subject of history in parallel with 3D printing. For more information on our work with educational institutions, please contact us at sales@3dsupplyguys.com.

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