3D Printers for Biology Education


Explore Hands-on Biology with 3D Printing

3D printers for schools are quickly making headway in classrooms across the country, integrating with various subjects in many unique ways. Regardless of your specific scholastic discipline, a 3D printer will find its worth in any topic that you’re looking to teach. The applications are diverse, and the impact far reaching. Among the many other benefits, the significant integration with progressive learning methods alone is enough to ensure that 3D printers are rapidly becoming a vital classroom fixture. In the article below, we look more closely at some of the ways in which schools are implementing 3D printers for biology education.

3D Printers for Biology Education

3D Printing BiologyThe days of maintaining, storing, and dissecting real frogs could be over. You can easily 3D print life-sized models of their organs, allowing students to examine and study cross-sectional areas of lungs, hearts, and brains. This opens a world of possibilities for Biology teachers, realizing that 2D images or textbook representations of biological organisms can now be created in full 3D with actual articulation.

Student projects can be coordinated with 3D printing, combining biological studies with technology. Recreate the biomechanics of an insect, examine the nuances of fossilized bone structures, develop new ways to represent human cells and organs, or even mimic the internal structures of rare plant species to demonstrate the process of photosynthesis.

For department administrators, the costs of lab materials and maintenance is also positively impacted; providing a way to create samples on-the-fly rather than purchasing in bulk for entire classes. With 3D printing for biology classes, administrators are realizing a streamlined approach to teaching that will help refocus budgets & reignite student interest through novel methodology.

Visual Learning Tools

Biology classes across the country are leveraging the power of 3D printers to provide visual learning aids for students. Creating cutaway models that can be interacted with digitally and physically is easier than ever before.

Engage Students

Teachers and administrators are quickly realizing that 3D printing is redefining the learning curriculum, saving money, and providing new angles for teaching once thought impractical.

Models on Demand

3D printers add new tools to the learning curriculum while replacing or enhancing older, traditional methods. For example, instead of viewing the details of a protein under a microscope, print a large display example for the classroom.

Case Study: Using 3D Printers for Biology Education

Several years ago Glacier Peak High School in Snohomish, WA acquired an industrial grade 3D printer for a variety of subjects including Biology. Not only can they print large scale models of proteins for presentation, they can represent various portions of its structure in different colors; allowing students to highlight “active clefts”. From DNA fingerprints to molecular models of cancer, students are also developing biotechnology oriented projects in conjunction with scientists from the Milwaukee School of Engineering. 3D printing is allowing students to take a three pronged approach to learning: technology, biology, and biotechnology. It also raises their awareness; realizing the efforts being made to combat disease prevention around the world. Students are realizing the power 3D printing provides for classrooms, foundation competitions, school projects, and science fairs. To learn more, visit

Biotechnology class a grand experiment at Glacier Peak High School”.

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