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3D printers for schools are quickly making headway in classrooms across the country, integrating with various subjects in many unique ways. Regardless of your specific scholastic discipline, a 3D printer will find its worth in any topic that you’re looking to teach. The applications are diverse, and the impact far reaching. Among the many other benefits, the significant integration with progressive learning methods alone is enough to ensure that 3D printers are rapidly becoming a vital classroom fixture. In the article below, we look more closely at some of the ways in which schools are implementing 3D printers for art education.

3D Printers for Art Education

3D Printed ArtLet a student’s imagination run wild by using 3D printing to create abstract sculptures, mechanical artwork, or even casting molds. In the fashion industry, everything from jewelry to evening gowns are produced by students in design schools. New flexible materials allow designers to create shoes that are abstract, organic, and customized with features molded specifically for a person’s foot characteristics. For sculpting, students take digital creations of statues or spaceships and turn them into reality.

In museums, visitors are leveraging 3D scanners to copy objects of antiquity and making them available for printing. For example, the Winged Victory of Samothrace and Venus de Milo are already in circulation online, allowing users to download the scanned file and 3D print their own statue. The cost? About $5-$10 to produce a 12” high replica. Even well-known 2D paintings from masters such as Van Gogh have been reproduced in 3D, complete with capturing the direction of brush strokes and natural cracks. A new renaissance for artists and designers is taking shape by capturing imagination with technology.

Artistic Sculptures

From miniaturized sculptures to life-sized representations of Leonardo Davinci’s “Il Volo Instrumentale”, art and graphic design classes are quickly incorporating 3D printing into their creative design processes.

2D to 3D Transfers

While drawing in 2D will always exist, transferring those images to 3D combines skills from digital modeling and 3D printing, combined with a touch of creative energy.

Abstract Reality

A fusion of art, fashion, and mechanical design are providing unique avenues for individuals to produce physical objects from concepts previously limited to flat design.

Case Study: Using 3D Printers for Art Education

Wakayama Technical High School in Japan has already been taking advantage of 3D printing for their industrial design courses since 2010. The approach has been two-fold: teaching students about artistic culture in the east, while recreating priceless statues in order to prevent them from theft. Theft of sculptures has been on the rise, so these students set about creating replicas in order to protect and preserve the originals. Students use a combination of 3D scanning and printing to create perfect replicas of Buddha statues and intricate Asian masks. As a result, an array of 3D printed replica backups are now residing in temples throughout Asia. Leveraging technology with ancient traditions, 3D printers are helping students learn and assist in guarding their cultural heritage. In some museums these pieces are available to touch, an added benefit for the visually impaired.

3D Printers for Art Education here at 3D Supply Guys

3D Supply Guys is working with art, design, and fashion classrooms across the country to provide the resources and equipment necessary to expand their curriculum. Our educational programs includes a variety of discounts for both 3D printers and accessories, allowing teachers to acquire the equipment necessary to fuel student creativity. We work with departments to provide help, assist in teaching direction, and train educational institutions with 3D printers for a variety of artistic endeavors. For more information about our work in grade schools, high schools, and colleges focused on art and design, please contact us at sales@3Dsupplyguys.com.

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