3D Printers for Architecture Education


3D Printing for Learning and Visualizing Architecture

3D printers for schools are quickly making headway in classrooms across the country, integrating with various subjects in many unique ways. Regardless of your specific scholastic discipline, a 3D printer will find its worth in any topic that you’re looking to teach.  The applications are diverse, and the impact far reaching.  Among the many other benefits, the significant integration with progressive learning methods alone is enough to ensure that 3D printers are rapidly becoming a vital classroom fixture.  In the article below, we look more closely at some of the ways in which schools are implementing 3D printers for architecture education.

3D Printers for Architecture Education

3D Printing Architecture DesignerFrom custom homes to smart cities, interest in architecture is growing among students thanks to tools such as 3D printers and digital modeling systems. While 2D drawings are fundamental to the teaching process, incorporating 3D printing helps broaden the learning experience. Architecture schools across the country such as Penn State University, University of Texas, and Syracuse University feature 3D printing.

From buildings to bridges, 3D printers provide a physical representation of the student’s vision. It helps take them through the product development process, teaching fundamentals in problem solving through iterative design. For younger students, learning basic CAD software and using 3D printers to create houses, landscapes, and objects provide a great way to generate interest. 3D printed objects expose students to concrete examples, which better help conceptualize the importance of size, scale, shape, and thickness. The impact on students is significant, as the impact of their design decisions can be better realized through tangible feedback as seen when interacting with 3D printed models of the designs they’ve created.

Enhance Learning Experiences

3D printing enhances a variety of educational experiences that architecture students are exposed to.  These experiences are primarily regarding modeling and CAD, but also include elements of structural design, math, and fabrication.

Unique Perspective

College and graduate students are now fabricating their designs into 3D printed models for better display and visualization.  This is helpful both in terms of sharing their design with others, and in providing a different view through which they can evaluate their own work.

Cross-Discipline Applications

Landscape design, civil architecture, and topology can also be represented with 3D printing.  These specialties share many of the same characteristics that make a 3D view so significant, and as such, applying such a view through 3D printing is universally beneficial.

Case Study: Using 3D Printers for Architecture Education

Kingston High School’s 3D printing program is making great strides toward student learning and engagement. This high tech manufacturing curriculum exposes them to various topics in engineering, design, problem solving, drafting, and architecture. It provides students with a basis for learning in 3 dimensions, integrating mathematics and prototyping at the same time. Thanks to a $15,000 grant from the Alcoa Foundation, class enrollment is steadily increasing thanks to the new program.

High school principal Kirk Reinhardt is more than excited to see it succeed. “The opportunity that we now have for our students to actually watch them learn and see the process of taking something that they think about in two dimensions, drawing it, explaining it, tie the mathematics to it, and then creating a program, and then creating that prototype in a high school situation is just amazing,” Reinhardt said. To learn more, please visit: “Kingston High School’s 3D printing program more than popular than expected”.

3D Printers for Architecture Education here at 3D Supply Guys

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